Sunday, March 27, 2011

Westons birthday party

So we had Westons 6 year old birthday party yesterday. He decided that he wanted a Power Ranger themed party, so that is what he got. We did races out side, had them each show off there best Power Ranger fighting poses, came inside and did stick the power ranger badge on the power rangers chest,(pin the tail on the donkey), hit the pinata, had cake and then watched a power ranger cartoon. Oh yea, we also opened presents that his friends brought him. It was a blast. I can't believe he is already 6, either he is growing way to fast, or I am getting way to old!!


B+M said...

You are such a fun mom! I bet they all had a blast!

The Grover Gang said...

Looks like one seriously fun Birthday! I wanted to see some pics of you and Tony and your best Power Ranger fighting pose!! I hope you are doing well, miss you!