Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catch up time!!

Alot has happened in the last two months in our family starting with the birth of our new son Monson. He arived on Sept 22nd. What a joy he is to have in our family even though I thought that he was going to be a girl, he works just perfect. I can't believe that he is already 8 weeks old and he is laughing and smiling. Time really goes by fast and I think that it goes by faster with each child.
Then Halloween came. We had a lot of fun this year trick-or-treating, going to Halloween parties and just having fun. The costumes consisted of super heros again, a pumpkin that didn't think that dressing up was the thing to do and a tiny baby in a halloween shirt that had glow in the dark ghosts. Dallin was bumblebee, Weston spiderman, Porter was the sort of pumpkin and Monson well you can guess. Tony and I did go dressed up in cowboy apparal. Porter also decided to be a cowboy that evening.

We got Halloween over and done with and then blessed Monson. It turned out to be a wonderful day, not to cold and the sun was shinning. Family came and shared in the wonderful
blessing. It really makes you greatful for your blessings.

Life was going good when just last week Porter decided to curb himself and smash his upper front teeth up and back into his mouth. Let me tell you this is not an experience that I would choose, and for those of you who don't know what curbing is well its not pretty. Take your mouth and slam it on a cement curb and well you get the picture. So after I raced him to Creed( the Oral Surgeon) and had his mouth examined and a few x-rays done it was determined that nothing should be done and that more than likely his front teeth will fall back into place on there
own due to the miracle that nothing was broken or cracked.
So there it is in a nutshell, the past 2 months or so. Life has been crazy and somedays a little overwhelming but we are still here and for the most part healthy.