Saturday, March 27, 2010


Weston turned 5. Can you believe it, I sure can't. He decided that he wanted to have a dinosaur themed birthday party (since he has really been into dino stuff lately) so that is exactly what we had. I told him he could invite 3 or 4 friends, well that just was not enough so we ended up with 10. A little spoiled if I do say so myself. They made jackets so that they looked like real paleontologists, played pin the horn on the triceratops's, and hit the T-Rex pinata full of candy after which they filled full of dinosaur cake and ice cream. It was a blast especially for Weston.

On Westons real Birthday(party with friends 2 days prior) we decided to go fishing. We drove to Salem to a community pond they have and spent a couple hours their. Dallin was able to use his new fishing pole that he had gotten for Christmas, and Weston and Porter used Tony's poles. They all caught some fish after we figured out what the secret was.(spinners) It was a great day and the sun was out which made it all the better. Oh yea did I mention that Monson is already 6 Months old. Time goes to fast!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have decided that I am the worlds worst blogger. If I would just take the time to post a few things every week then I wouldn't have to play catch up all of the time. Anyway, life in the hutcheon house hold is going great, and with a few warm spring days under our belt I am now more than ever for the weather to be like this all of the time. A few things have happened in our family, nothing out of the ordinary, just life in general... Dallin turned 7. I know I look and act way to young to have a 7 year old but I do. He just finished up Basketball amd loved it but now it is time to gear up for spring soccer. Weston also gets to play soccer this spring and will be 5 this sunday and we are planning his Dinosaur birthday party as we speek. Its on Friday and I let him invite way to many liitle friends but oh well what can you do. Porter is reaking havic on everything but I think it is because he has been so bored inside. The last couple of weekson the warm days when he can go outside life has been much better. Monson is also growing like a weed. He will be 6 months on the 22nd and I am sad and happy all at the same time. I just love that little squidget!! I on the other hand am so happy that I can start to run outside again. Even taking Monson and Porter in the runner stroller is becoming possible again due to warmer weather and the fact that Monson can sit up when I strap him in. I also changed my hair. I love it but it does take a little getting used to. Its nothing to crazy just a lot darker. Tony is doing wonderful. He has had a few issues with some hair loss due to an auto-immune problem but we are getting that taken care of with a little help from my old work.
Well thats us in a nut shell lately. Here are a few pictures for everyone to see...ENJOY!